Hello Spring, Hello World

Hey babes. Welcome to my first blog post! Ok, I have a confession to make – no one actually calls me Jamie Ann, except for maybe my mom when she’s REALLY pissed. But I’ll give her credit, it’s got a ring to it; hence, a star blog is born (P.S. such a great movie). Confession #2 – yes, I am currently drinking a glass of Pinot Grigio. I also may or may not be snuggling two cute puppies. That was a fun game but enough about me for the moment.

Let’s talk Spring style. How fun is it to shop for Spring with all the bright colors and loud prints? Even though it may not be quite warm enough to wear certain styles, there’s something therapeutic about clicking the ‘Checkout’ button on a fun clothing item to get you out of the winter rut.

I’m so excited to share two adorable Spring styles in this post! For reference on sizing information, I am 5′ 6″ and typically a small in tops and medium in bottoms.

Floral Maxi Dress

Although maxi dresses aren’t my go-to look, I had to have this beautiful floral print, coral maxi. The color and print are so vibrant, and the dress is completely backless. I ordered the small and it fits perfectly, although I do recommend sizing up if you have a larger waist. You can check the measurements under the ‘Size Info’ tab on the website to be sure.

Before purchasing, use this link to shop with my referral code and get $10 off your order!

Click the photo to shop. Only $52!

Printed Romper

This romper is life! It’s the perfect outfit for so many occasions – think Spring Break, bachelorette parties, a night on the town; really anywhere you want to look and feel amazing. The green and orange leaf print is so cute and the color really pops in-person. The straps are adjustable and there is a clasp in the bust to keep everything fitting properly. The ruffle and tie wrap details in the front are SO flattering! This romper is also short enough to be flirty but long enough to provide coverage in the back. I bought the medium, which is my true-to-size for rompers because I have a long torso and am a bit bigger on the bottom. Fits comfortably!

Before purchasing, use this link to shop with my referral code and get $10 off your order!

Click the photo to shop. $48

You can view video try-ons of both these looks on my Instagram (@jamieann_nemeth) Highlights section (Pink Lily).

Confessions Continued

Back to our game. Confession #3 – I’ve always wanted to start a blog. Truth be told, I didn’t necessarily know it would be a lifestyle blog. It has been the culmination of so many factors that have led me here today.

Ok, gonna get autobiographical here. I’m 28 – almost 29 (WHAT) – years old and live in Charlotte, NC, with my husband, Matty, and our two furbabies, Milo (3 1/2) & Raina (7 months). I work as a digital content specialist in corporate communications for a Fortune 500 company and am lucky enough to actually love my job. I also run a very small little side hustle doing freelance marketing and communications primarily for small businesses.

This blog has stemmed from my desire to turn over a new leaf in life. I’m in my late 20s, married, settled…so very comfortable. I knew I needed to challenge myself to be the best version of myself every day. So I confess, I am doing this blog for no one but myself but I am SO happy you’re along for the ride! I’m looking forward to sharing my life with you & the things I’m interested in:

  • Fashion – I spent several years not ever spending money on myself and re-wearing the same outfits, which did nothing for my self-esteem. Not to mention my body began changing (damn you, late 20s!) and I gained the dreaded relationship weight. 2018 was the craziest year of my life. I got married and was in 3 other weddings. Between the showers, bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners, I was forced to refresh my wardrobe and it felt GREAT. Putting the effort into my wardrobe gave me joy and made me feel good about myself. As I’m not a bajillionaire or a model, I recognized the importance of finding affordable styles that work for real women.
  • Home Decor – My husband and I purchased our first home in 2016. While not a true fixer-upper, we are slowly making our 1974 split-level home into our own on a budget. We have many exciting home projects coming up!
  • Dogs! – I am a true dog mom, graphic merch & all. I strive to give my furbabies the best life, from their food brand to their doggie daycare. They’re a huge part of my life, so naturally I want to share cute photos, food & treats, toys, and other product information that you can use with your dog.
  • Food – I love to eat! Who doesn’t, right? But I have been focusing on healthy eating in 2019. The bottom line is that I needed to lose some weight. I didn’t put myself on a diet but rather made a lifestyle change. My method is simple – I am making healthier food decisions and keeping an eye on calories/macros. I’m all about eating what you actually like and substituting ingredients to make a recipe healthier. Excited to share some of the recipes I’ve tried & modified. Happy to report I am down 8 pounds in 8 weeks 🙂
  • Travel – Hands down, my favorite thing to do is travel. And I’m able to do it fairly often, lucky me! I am so excited to share travel tips and destination information with you. I have some amazing trips coming up, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out!
  • Beauty – I’ll be the first to admit I am not good at the beauty piece of being a girl but I strive to be! Learn along with me. As my mom told me on my 21st birthday, “If you aren’t wearing under-eye cream, it’s time to start.” LOL
  • & More! – Always open for suggestions. Please reach out 🙂

I have spent so much time and energy worrying about what others think in my life instead of just being confidently me. And it’s exhausting. So now I’m working on shedding the insecurities and putting myself out there.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my content because I can promise you I will give you my best. I am also looking forward helping others find the confidence to be their genuine selves.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Jamie Ann

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