How To “Comfy-fy” Your Bed

A couple years ago, my husband and I decided to upgrade from our old Queen-sized bed (my husband’s teenage bedroom set) to a brand new grownup King bed. We had just bought our first house, and besides the two of us, we also shared our bed with our 70 lb. furbaby Milo. Talk about tight quarters!

While we did upgrade to a new bed, mattress and headboard, we didn’t go all out on the bedding. Fast forward to last winter and enough was enough. Our bed was bigger, but not really the comfortable sanctuary we wanted. Plus we had also added another 60 lb. furkid to the mix. So I got to work!

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Memory Foam Mattress (LINK)

Believe it or not, our mattress is from Groupon! It’s a reputable brand and we got it for 75% off. The deal is currently still available! Memory foam mattresses, like traditional boxspring mattresses, are expensive and can run up to $3,000 or more. We wanted a memory foam mattress for the softer surface and the provided support.

Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper (LINK)

One of my favorite retailers to shop for all things home is Overstock. Their prices are great and I always have a coupon. Our mattress topper is from there and I got a great deal for the King size which can run up to $450. As you know, everything is more expensive for a King. Note that this specific option doesn’t come with a cover, it’s just the foam. This was fine for us because I wanted to cover it with a mattress pad anyways.

We have a memory foam mattress, so why in the world would we need a memory foam mattress topper?! This really comes down to firmness vs. softness bed surface preferences. The memory foam mattress was supportive on its own but not soft enough for me. Adding the topper makes it the perfect sleeping surface for me, and luckily my husband isn’t picky with this topic. I also went with a gel, cooling topper because foam is known to sleep hot so anything you can do to reduce the heat is helpful.

Down Alternative Mattress Pad (LINK)

I decided to get us a mattress pad that would cover both the mattress and topper at the same time, to help keep the topper from shifting around. Found a great affordable option on Overstock. As I’ve made clear by now, I like a softer sleeping surface, so I decided to buy a down alternative mattress pad for extra plushness.

I’ve previously tried real down mattress pads and while very soft initially, I found they became clumpy from the feathers. Plus, feathers started coming out of it once I washed it (it was likely dry-clean only but I’m not about that life for a mattress pad). I prefer the down alternative (more like stuffing) for the mattress pad.

Supportive Pillows

To sleep on (LINK): Target for the win here! Hubs & I have tried every pillow we could find. I’ve had the worst time finding pillows (and a sleeping surface) that properly support my neck and shoulders, and I’ve struggled with pain in those areas for a few years. Happy to report that coupled with the improvements I made to our bed (mattress, topper, pad), these affordable pillows have changed my life. I used to wake up sore every morning but now it’s only every once in a while. Okay, let’s add that I also definitely need to go see a Chiropractor!

To prop yourself up (LINK): Fun fact about me – I used to work in marketing for a pillow company (maker of this pillow). This is the Flip Pillow and it’s my favorite option I’ve ever tried for sitting up in bed. Not only are they so plush, comfy and supportive, but they look great on the bed when you make it. We position ours behind our regular head pillows and they give a nice, plush appearance.

Down Comforter (LINK)

I literally started shopping on Overstock BECAUSE of this down comforter. I did so much research and shopping around, and this was by far the best deal I found for a down comforter of this caliber. Go buy this comforter immediately! Currently on sale for $161.48 for the King.

Things to consider when purchasing a down comforter:

  • Fill – If you want a real down comforter, not down alternative, make sure you read carefully. Down comforters are made with either goose or duck feathers. Goose is more expensive than duck, but duck is very similar so you can save some dollars there (mine is duck). Down alternative is synthetic and not actually made with feathers. Therefore, it doesn’t actually provide that down consistency but feels more like stuffing.
  • Fill Power/Fill Weight – My comforter is 700 down fill power with 36 oz of fill weight. Fill power tells you the quality and fuffiness of the down and ranges from 300 – 900. Typically the higher the fill power, the more expensive. Fill weight will tell you how heavy it is. These two aspects together will give you an idea how plush the blanket is. My conclusion is that sticking somewhere mid-high range for both these numbers with give you good quality that isn’t too hot. I wanted an option I could use all seasons and the one I bought totally fits the bill! Learn more about fill power and fill weight here.
  • Baffle Box Design – Very simple concept, but you want a baffle box design (the sewn-in squares you see in most down comforters) to keep the down evenly distributed. Without this construction, you will likely end up with a clumpy comforter.
  • Shell Thread Count/Material – Just like with sheets, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. I always planned to cover my down comforter with a duvet cover so I wasn’t super concerned about this, but my comforter is 300 threat count & 100% cotton. If you aren’t going to cover it, I recommend purchasing a comforter with higher thread count but it will definitely be more costly.
  • Dimensions – Be sure to check the dimensions of the comforter against a standard King bed size (76 x 80) or whatever size bed you have to make sure that the blanket you’re buying is at least slightly oversized. I recommend going up one bed size for the down comforter to ensure there’s plenty of blanket to go around.

Sheets (LINK)

Don’t cheap out on your sheets unless they’re a certain quality and you’ve found a great deal! I never paid attention to anything other than price with sheets but it seriously makes a world of difference to consider the thread count and dimensions at the very least. Our old sheets feel like sandpaper compared to the new ones, which are 1000+ thread count. The old ones also constantly kept coming off in one corner. Our new sheets are from Overstock and so reasonably priced, especially for the quality and King size. They also come in 12 color options. We have the gray color which is a great neutral. When buying sheets, make sure to get as high of thread count as possible and a deep fit option – especially if you have a mattress topper!

Not Only Comfy But Beautiful

Tying into the comfiness, I also find it important to make your bed and room a calm place where you feel most relaxed. That being said, I recommend shying away from really bold or bright colors, and instead choosing soft, neutral palettes. We went with gray and blue tones and it really does have that calming effect. The psychology of colors is real, people! Here are the links to all the decorative aspects of our bed:

Doing the things I’ve outlined individually should increase your comfort level but it wasn’t until I completed adding all these components that I really got the plush, luxurious feeling I was going for from my bed. While some of these are certainly customizable and based on preference, I hope this post has helped you see what to consider when it comes to your bed and how to get some traditionally expensive items for much cheaper. Price was always a factor that held me back from comfy-fying my bed. While we definitely spent a lot of money completely redoing our bed, we did save significantly because I did my homework.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions! Now, go take a nap if you’re able. I know all this bed talk made me sleepy 🙂

XOXO, Jamie Ann

*This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own and all products have been purchased on my own dime.

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