Calling All Brides: Get Your White Wardrobe NOW

When planning your wedding, you need to find obviously the most important white dress you’ll ever wear: the wedding gown. But you will also need at least 3-4 other white (this is typical but you SO don’t have to do all white!) dresses/occasion options for all your other events in which you’re the guest of honor:

  • Wedding Shower: 1 – 2 outfits needed depending how many showers you’re having
  • Bachelorette Party: 1-4 outfits depending if your party is one night or a long weekend
  • Rehearsal Dinner: 1 outfit
  • Honeymoon: 1 – 2 white outfits letting everyone know you’re THE bride

If you are getting married next year, NOW is the time to shop for all these white outfits. The main reason is that you will not be able to find a very large selection of white in the Winter. I got married in June 2018 and all my events were in the March-April timeframe. Let me tell you – there is NO white available in January and February when you want to start shopping for your outfits. The timeframe doesn’t match up with retailers’ schedules for spring/summer seasonal colors, as white is a spring/summer color. I had to settled big time and found a couple of decent options on Amazon of all places. Not where I thought I would get my outfits for some of the biggest memories of my life!

The other reason is that everything white is on major sale right now! One of my favorite boutiques Red Dress, especially for occasion wear, is having a HUGE sale and there is an INSANE amount of beautiful white options, so I thought I would share! Seriously this stuff is SO GOOD. What I would give to be able to re-select my wedding event outfits from this collection! I am SWOONING.

Click the image to shop

I wish someone would have told me to shop for all my wedding occasion outfits the Fall before my wedding. I hope this helps all my brides out there! This is such a fun, but stressful time and I hope to ease some of that future stress by sharing these amazing options at discount prices.

Love, Jamie Ann

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