Save Your Eyes With Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I started getting frequent headaches and feeling like I couldn’t see well at the end of the week by the end of college. It took me several years to realize that I was suffering from common eye strain that comes from looking at a computer and/or phone screen all the time.

Last year, two things happened around the same time that led me to blue light blocking glasses. First, my boss at the time observed he thought I needed glasses because he kept noticing I was squinting at my computer screen. I was confused because I’ve always had great eyesight and have never needed glasses.

Then, my wonderful sister-in-law Sarah, who also does not wear or need prescription lenses, mentioned to me she had recently gotten blue light blocking glasses and how much they helped her. I immediately hopped on Amazon and ordered a pair. So glad I did! It has solved my problem.

Click the photo to shop the glasses. $28
Comes in 3 different colors

You can also get these glasses with a magnifying strength, if needed. This will change the price, but even so they only range up to $35. Such a steal for something that helps so much! They’re also really cute TBH! I always get compliments on them, which is such a bonus 🙂

I’m not saying I NEVER have a headache or tired eyes anymore, but it is rare these days. Before, I was having at least one headache a week and I was miserable.

Reach out with any questions. Let me know if you try these and how you like them.

Jamie Ann

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