Guest Bathroom Refresh

Before & After

Recently we decided to makeover our guest bathroom on the cheap. We had been rocking the same decor in that room for almost 4 years and it was definitely time for a refresh. Hubby & I headed to Target looking to redecorate this bathroom in more relaxed, neutral tones.

You can see the result is a big difference just in removing the bright red theme we had before! It now feels more like a nice, calming space where our guests can take a shower and get ready when away from home. Amazing how just swapping out a few decorative items makes it feel like a completely new space!

All in the Details

The Aesthetic

Shop the decorative elements!

The Essentials

Including links to these items just in case you might need them.

Are you planning to makeover a room in your home anytime soon? Which room and how all-out are you going? Sometimes certain spaces call for complete demo and redesign, but sometimes all it takes is a little sprucing up.

Love, Jamie Ann

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